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Dietary Phrases You May Not Understand… Till Now

The word “diet” is most often used to signify a weight loss routine. But what does the word really mean? Our diet is simply the foods we choose to consume. People often change their diet to avoid gaining weight or even restrict their daily intake in order to lose weight. Changing our daily diet as a form of weight loss comes in many, many forms. Some diets designed specifically for weight loss are in fact dangerous for otherwise healthy human beings.

Healthy weight loss diets include an increase in fruits, vegetables and pure drinks like water. Rarely will a healthy diet consist primarily of any one food or nutrient source. Diets high in fiber intake require an increase in water consumption because it’s healthier for your digestive system. A well balanced diet is the most intelligent diet plan; for weight loss, weight gain or even just to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sensible Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t the same for everyone. All dietary changes react differently with different people. Sensible weight loss can be summed up as healthy weight loss. Crash diets are not good for us, neither are fad diets or diets that cut out entire food groups. Don’t try to lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time. Plan your weight loss routine ahead of time and expect to lose an average of 1 or 2 pounds per week. Any time your energy level drops or you feel bad for any reason, stop the diet and talk to your doctor.

Scientifically Proven

You see “scientifically proven” as a sales technique for several types of diet. How are diets scientifically proven? What makes one diet better than another? For a weight loss system to be scientifically proven, studies are conducted on a variety of volunteers. Most case studies are divided into several groups and each group is given a dietary routine to follow. The results are then recorded and compared. A diet that is scientifically proven is one that has achieved the desired affect during these studies.

Dietary Guidelines

What are dietary guidelines and how should they affect how we eat? Every five years the Department of Health and Human Services publishes Dietary Guidelines for Americans. These guidelines are based on scientific fact and provide dietary advice for people over the age of two. These dietary guidelines are a basis to good dietary habits and explain how foods we put into our bodies can promote a healthy lifestyle. It also explains how certain foods can reduce the risk of chronic illness.

Eating Out

Going out to eat doesn’t have to include deep fried or what we would consider fast food. The next time you go out to eat, choose something healthier than the normal burger and fries. Fast food restaurants and dine-in restaurants offer several healthier options for those watching their waistline. Dine-in restaurants often include dishes that stick to the strict standards of some of the more popular diets intended for weight loss. It is perfectly OK to enjoy your food, just don’t overdo it and choose healthy foods. Like other options in life, your diet is your choice.