The Best Dietary Patterns for Beautiful Woman

The Best Dietary Patterns for Beautiful Woman

Beautiful woman in the best dietary pattern that is a fruit a day, two vegetables, three tablespoons of vegetable oil, Four rough rice, five protein foods, six condiments, seven cups of water, tea.

A fruit
Eat vitamin-rich fresh fruit at least one, maintained for many years that they would receive a significant skin effect.

Two vegetables
Should eat two diverse variety of vegetables, do not eat a vegetable. There must be a day of seasonal fresh vegetables, dark green color. Best to eat some green onions, tomatoes. Cold celery, carrot, tender lettuce leaves, to avoid cooking in the heat of vitamin A, B1 and other damage. The actual per person per day intake of vegetables should be kept at 400 grams.

Three tablespoons vegetable oil
The daily limit is 3 tablespoons cooking oil, edible vegetable oil is preferably vegetable oil, unsaturated fats such smooth skin, slim body shape, maintenance of cardiovascular health boost.

Four coarse meals
4 bowls of rice grains per day of crude to the U.S. beauty strong body posture. To overcome the habit of finishing the staple food, and resist the temptation of delicious snacks.

Five protein foods
Eat 50 grams of meat of any animal; of course, it is best to lean meat, 50 grams of fish of any kind (other than bone weight); 200 grams of tofu or soy products; one egg; granules 1 cup milk or milk powder. This kind of plant proteins with low-fat diet of non-high-fat animal protein or vegetable protein with a small amount of animal protein diet method, is not only affordable, but relatively less animal fat and cholesterol, is recognized as a “fit cooking model. ”

Six small amount of seasoning
Ups and downs of salt and other major spices, condiments, as an indispensable everyday cooking, they were delicious with the food to increase, improve appetite, reduce the greasy, detoxification sterilization, protection of vitamin C, reducing the loss of water-soluble vitamins, to maintain osmolality and blood acid-base balance of the body to maintain nerve and muscle to external stimulation and rapid response capability, as well as regulation of physiological functions and various beauty and fitness.

Seven cups boiling water
Tea and soup: not less than 7 cups of water a day to supplement body fluids, promote metabolism, improve their health. To cut down on sugar or drink with a pigment.

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